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About Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre

Duty Statement

The Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre opened initially as an op-shop/Fix-it Centre in 1980. In 1984 a centre Coordinator was employed for 7 hours per week to organise a community lunch. The centre now has a coordinator for 27 hours per week. The centre arose from a need in the west ward of Waverley for a local organisation to provide a range of goods and services that the local residents could afford.

The centre provides a welcoming place for people to meet, develop their skill, share experiences, gain support from each other, a place to get a bargain in the op-shop, some advice or just "a cuppa" and a chat, a place to learn new skills to band together with other members of the community to find solutions to the problems which affect our community at large. The centre is located in a low-income public housing estate.

The centre is funded by the Department of Human Services under the Neighbourhood Houses co-ordination program funding and by the city of Monash who supply 'in kind' support.

We provide a large range of programs, classes, activities, parenting support groups, etc. We involve people in the community in all aspects of the centre. We run our programs mindful of the fact that we operate in a low income area and so must charge minimal fees. We run programs that are both educational and recreational as well as health related programs. The centre and its activities are open to all members of the community with no exceptions.

Our linkage with other agencies is strong and we offer referral services. Volunteers pick up bread twice a week from local bakeries and this is bagged and handed out to those who need it.

The centre is managed by a Committee of Management which is elected annually and is made up of members of the community, centre users and any other interested persons.

We have a large volunteer register, these people play a very important role in the running of programs etc. The committee is responsible and accountable for the effective management of all funds, employees and activities of the centre.

The centre allow students on work placement or students from other agencies to put in voluntary work in all aspects of the centre.



To provide a Neighbourhood Centre for the benefit of all people living in the area.

To provide within the centre an activities and referral service, support groups, op-shop, integrated programs, volunteer network, learning/social and health related programs.

To foster the growth and development of other groups, centres, programs within our area and to the wider community.

To provide a safe, happy and friendly environment for all people to enjoy with no exceptions.